My Mom Always Told Me to “Eat Your Vegetables.” sooo….

I wrapped them in Steak!

I’m always intimidated by those popular cooking videos on social media, but this weekend, I pulled one off!

In a Teriyaki marinated Flank steak, I wrapped sliced Red pepper, Zucchini, Red onion, Carrot, and Asparagus secured with toothpicks and grilled 

about 5-7 minutes each side, brushing on the leftover marinade for a glazed finish.

You can find the full recipe HERE.

To Your Health!



Introducing THE Perfect Diet!

If you spend any time on the Internet you’ve heard of a raw, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, flexitarian, GLYX, superfragalisticexpialidocious diet – just to name a few – all these diet trends are fighting for attention wherever you look, claiming to be THE way to solve all your health and weight problems. They provide long lists of scientific studies (which proof or disproof about anything if you just search deep enough) to support their cause as well as sell books and diet plans.

As an Integrative Nutrition Ambassador, studying over 150 Diet Theories, I truly know the world of diets and food trends. They all promise you to help you reach your dream weight and, even though many of these diets can in fact sometimes work, I say Get back to simple & real food to help your body find its way back to knowing what it genuinely wants and needs! Let’s stop with the dizzying labels and instead embrace our individuality — our bio-individuality, that is: There is no one perfect diet.

Diets don’t work.

I mean it! I can not think of one instance where someone followed a diet and was able to successfully keep their weight once they stopped dieting. Because, it’s true, diets do not work. And neither does banning certain foods or consciously limiting your calorie intake.

Now, before you start shaking your head, ask yourself; Do you live on convenience food? Even if it is low-fat, low-calorie, gluten free, all natural, etc… How often do you cook? Eat a meal you, yourself prepared? What food is in your home? Is almost everything in your cupboards or fridge processed in one or another way?

Of course, modern eating habits save a lot of time, but it is one of the reasons why relationships and attitude with food can seem totally confusing. These additives, preservatives, chemicals, salt, sugar, colorants and whatever other crap food companies put into these colorful packages mess with our brain, our taste, our emotions, our complete system. We are fooled into craving things which are truly bad for us and we have no idea anymore what real and simple food really tastes like.

Find your way back to simple and real food.

This does not have to happen overnight, but once you start incorporating real, unprocessed food into your daily life, your body will * wake-up * You will effectively clean your system from substances inhibiting weight loss, balance, and over all well being. One step at a time, you will learn to understand the signals your own body gives you. Listen to your body and it will show you the way to a genuinely balanced life!

As the go-to-girl for health/wellness among my friends,family,and also professionally as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I have received lots of emails asking me;

I really want to be better but I just don’t know where to start?!

I went vegan, but it is sometimes so damn hard to keep up. Why can’t I stop thinking about eating cheese?

I’ve been completely gluten-free for months now but I’m still not losing weight. I still have low energy.

It’s things like this I hear from people all the time, and for this reason, I’m sharing something special with you!
Integrative Nutrition 6 Month Roadmap to Health and Happiness

This guide focuses on nourishing yourself with whole (good) foods and creating balance in all areas of your life. It’s a sample of how I work with people to improve health and wellbeing, meeting their personal wellness goals.

I’d love to work with you personally – I’ll be there to inspire you all the way!
Check out my Contact/Services page on this blog.

No More Diet Trend Trauma, OKAY?! If you agree – please like or share this article and tell me what you think in the comment below!

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*Roadmap to Health and Happiness* Tips from an Integrative Nutrition Ambassador!

As an Integrative Nutrition Ambassador and training Health Coach, I know my stuff. But it takes more than knowing my stuff to reach my own health and wellness goals. Despite the cliché, I put in effort and make conscious choices to maintain the best health of my life. I achieve success thru sensible physical activity and meeting realistic goals.

Diets don’t work!

Eating well and physical activity does. Approach health as a lifestyle (change), not a diet. Unless you plan to be on a diet for the rest of your life, you’re just going to go back to your former way of eating and likely gain back any weight you’ve lost. Eating whole, nutritious foods has to become a daily habit.
All calories are NOT created equal, and thinking you’ll maintain health simply by counting them or cutting them will likely leave you hungry, irritable, malnourished and not much healthier than you were when you started. Eating more fresh, raw- foods is a great way to increase your immune function, feel satisfied, add variety, and supercharge your health.
Crap is crap, no matter how many calories are involved. Calories from nutrient-rich foods versus nutritionally-bunk ones from processed or refined sugars and carbs will have different effects on the body. Healthy, nutrient-rich foods help maintain stable blood sugar levels, minimize cravings, while your brain signals your belly that it’s full. Nutrient-poor foods will have the opposite effect, causing hormonal havoc, spiking insulin, setting off cravings, dulling satiety signals and encouraging overeating. In other words: nutrient rich foods help keep weight in check naturally, no counting required.

Find good FOOD, and find what works for you.

Everyone is different and it might take a little trial and error to figure out what’s best for you. If you’re aiming to lose weight, never skip meals. I eat a fiber-rich breakfast like oatmeal with seeds, fruit and nuts. I drink lots of water throughout the day, cook broth-based soups and stews that are loaded with veggies, and eat all my dinners accompanied with loads of salad and vegetables. I limit or avoid, dairy, refined sugar, alcohol, and processed foods, but don’t deny myself, especially if it’s a couple homemade chocolate chip cookies for a treat.
A few ways I’ve made more fresh, raw foods a habit:
I focus on adding more raw vegetables and fruits – crowding out processed and refined foods -, rather than an all-or-nothing approach. I’ll be honest here — I don’t follow or even recommend a 100 percent raw diet. Balance is a beautiful thing, and you’ll still be vibrantly healthy if you eat lots of fresh, preferably organic, fruits and vegetables (say, up to 50 percent of your daily diet) along with healthfully cooked whole foods.
By far the easiest way to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into your daily routine is to keep them on hand, making healthy snacks, fruits, and vegetables a staple in the fridge. You’d be surprised how easy it is to whip up a snack – I can peel an orange faster than I can heat up pizza rolls! And again, it’s not all-or-nothing. You can pair an apple with nut butter or berries with yogurt. At our house, we love relish trays with a thick dip I blend(er) up using cottage cheese and seasoning. I also always serve avocado slices along side home cooked Curry, Cajun, or Mexican meals – adds a creamy texture while providing a healthy fat.
I drink a green smoothie everyday. Yes, this means kale. Otherwise, you can successfully add spinach to any green smoothie no matter what kind of blender you own. Try the following smoothie for breakfast: 2 cups mango, one banana, 2 cups spinach, and a little water or orange juice. Even picky kids will enjoy this recipe!

Get professional help, and not just with a nutritionist.

In the end, the best way to lose and maintain weight is to get healthy. You cannot sidestep nature. This means eating real food, moving your body regularly, getting adequate amounts of sleep, and finding ways to manage stress.
However, keep in mind that you don’t have to make all of these changes overnight! It’s a process. Just keep adding and eating more fresh and raw foods, finding healthy recipes you enjoy, and some gentle exercise.
You don’t need to do it alone and you can get invaluable assistance from a health coach, therapist, or personal trainer.
Check out my Integrative Nutrition Health Coach services on the Contact/ Services pages on this blog.
I’d love to work with you personally!

A *FREE* guide of the type of services I’ll offer is available by following the Integrative Nutrition Six Month Roadmap to Health and Happiness link (below).

You’re worth it, and your health is important, so don’t skimp! You’ll enjoy higher and higher levels of health and vitality!

To Your Health!