Five Aspects Of Fitness To Avoid Plateaus & BoredomĀ 

To avoid boredom and/or a fitness plateau it’s a good practice to vary your workout routine. I like to include all five elements of fitness;

*aerobic/cardio exercise like power walking or jogging 

*strength training like hand weights or resistance bands

*core exercises like Pilates 

*balance training, and stretching like yoga

so I was thrilled today to get a chance to take Community Yoga’s Pilates class.

My abs and core feel so strong and my spine feels lengthened and relaxed.
To Your Health!



Yoga, food, & gratitude…

After a nice, *challenging Progressive Vinyasa class at Community Yoga, I’m treating my body and my tastebuds to this flavor explosion Over Night Oats topped with Nectarines, Banana, & Blueberries.
In itself, practicing Yoga is one beneficial regime!

When complemented with the healthy food habits, it can really create wonders. In fact, eating the right food is an essential part of living a Yogic life.
To make Over Night Oats simply mix in an airtight glass jar;
1 cup Old Fashioned or Steel cut Oats
2 cups Almond/Soy/or Coconut Milk
2-3 TBS Chia seeds
*fruit and/or nuts(butter) of your choice like; banana, almond butter,natural peanut butter, strawberries, blueberries, peaches etc…
Mix well and refrigerated to liquid is absorbed (2-3 hrs or overnight) Then top with your favorite healthy toppings.
To Your Health!