a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

I teach health and wellbeing using the concept of ‘Primary Food’ – *the food that feeds our soul as being our true path to health and wellbeing – how the Quality of our relationships, Career satisfaction, Daily movement & fitness, and Sense of spirituality; feeling connected to nature, community, etc.. truly effects our overall wellness.

That’s why I created my 1,2,3, Vitality – Three months to health, wellness, and vitality program.
In 6 sessions we will navigate the contradictory world of health and nutrition, giving you a clear plan for simple and do-able practices to support your wellbeing and healthy lifestyle. 

You can read the program details HERE

And, in the meantime, get daily inspiration on my Instagram page.
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Five Aspects Of Fitness To Avoid Plateaus & Boredom 

To avoid boredom and/or a fitness plateau it’s a good practice to vary your workout routine. I like to include all five elements of fitness;

*aerobic/cardio exercise like power walking or jogging 

*strength training like hand weights or resistance bands

*core exercises like Pilates 

*balance training, and stretching like yoga

so I was thrilled today to get a chance to take Community Yoga’s Pilates class.

My abs and core feel so strong and my spine feels lengthened and relaxed.
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We Did It!


The Senate approved S. Res. 67!
Our lobbyist just got a call from Sen. Heinrich’s Chief of Staff. The National Health and Wellness Coach Recognition resolution was just passed by the U.S. Senate today by unanimous consent. It is Senate Resolution number 67 (S. Res. 67).
 So, what does this mean? The United States Senate now officially recognizes Health and Wellness Coach Week and Health Coaches “in their important work to improve the health and wellness of the people of the United States.”

To Your Health!

Is it possible to be both exhausted and energized at the same time?

Apparently so!

Last weekend my love and I sat and sweat in an Inipi sweat-lodge ceremony as a ‘gift’ to one another honoring Valentines and our shared love for each other, adventure, and new experiences.

We sat with others praying, singing, purifying, letting go all that isn’t good and giving great thanks to our blessings and the Creator!

As a memento, this feather and stones keepsake signifies my love and my first Inipi sweat lodge.

They’re a remembrancer to free the mind of distractions – make time for clarity, introspection and connection to the planet and the creator. 

*They also look perfect on my new living room shelves 🙂 
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Breaking News: Yoga Cure All

My love USED to roll his eyes at me when my answer to every ailment was “Yoga” (that, or Coconut Oil)

‘How can yoga “fix” depression, anxiety, fear and grief, and also claim to manage chronic pain, heart disease, digestion, or even epilepsy? How is that possible?’
Turns out, there’s science to back up those claims.

THIS Article  by Kristy Manuel, the director of Yoga Fit’s900-hour HealthCare program explains the impact a regular yoga routine can have to help us find relief from chronic stress and even disease. 

To Your Health!


A Sunday Well Spent,

Today, while I let my love take over in the kitchen making Super Bowl eats, I’m reminded of a quote by one of my favorite authors and poets;

 “Sometimes I think there are only two instructions we need to follow to develop and deepen our spiritual life: slow down and let go.” – Oriah Mountain Dreamer

You can find more useful advice from my favorite author and poet in her book The Dance: Moving To The Rhythm’s Of Your True Self

To Your Health!


NEW! I’m Launching My Web-Site!

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my web- site!
Please c’mon over and browse around To Your Health

It’s All About ME! *Self Care * Tips To Take It Beyond Mothers Day


How much time do you set aside for self care? While studying to become a Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition ,self care was one of the first topics we discussed. Yes, even before we went into the details of nutrition, fitness and more.

I’m dedicated to being mindful of Primary Food as part of my lifestyle, which focuses on Quality Relationships, Physical Activity, Career Satifaction, and a Spiritual Practice as core elements to overall wellbeing. All four equal self care.

What’s self care, you ask? To me, it means taking the time to do things that are good for your body, mind and spirit. Because, it’s true, if you’re not happy & healthy on the inside, you are definitely not going to be happy & healthy on the outside. It’s just how it works!

Some of My Favorite Ways to Practice Self Care

Deep Breathing, Meditation, Prayer

Set aside a quiet space, and time in your day where you can sit in silence and tune inward. Deep breathing and focused concentration slow down the brain waves and make them more organized. This helps us to have presence, peace of mind and a practice of gratitude. If giving thanks is part of your practice, your inner light will shine!!

Sleep, Sleep, and more Sleep!

Sleep makes you feel better, but its importance goes way beyond just boosting your mood or banishing under-eye circles.
Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more.

Eat Nutrient Rich Foods

This does not mean adhering to a strict or unchanging “diet”. It means eating in a conscious, simple way that is also more broadly varied. Try experimenting with fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables for a feel-good, clean meal.
The foods you eat become your blood, affecting the quality of your cells, tissues, organs, and your mind


It’s no surprise that drinking enough water affects your health. Backache, headache, fatigue, and digestive problems are all linked to dehydration. Understanding the significance of proper hydration will help to advance your health.

Move Your Body

Involve your whole body. Ditch the gym and exercise outside in the fresh air whenever possible. Stretching and deep breathing are vital for health.Walking, swimming, bicycling, and gardening are excellent.Meditative exercises such as yoga or tai chi are both gentle and effective.

Spend Your Time and Energy with Supportive People

Limit and cut toxic relations. Explore forgiveness. If something is not working, it’s time to change directions. One of the biggest lessons I learned was that trying to make something happen is counterproductive. A rejection is just a re-direction in life. Whether that is a job or relationship or anything for that matter, something even better is on the way. Believe that, and surround yourself with others who do too!
When I make loved and trusted ones a priority, I deepen my ability to surrender and let go of things/people that my heart isn’t aligned with. Spending time with positive people allows you to give and receive *vital for wellbeing!

Loving Touch,Massage,Orgasm

That’s right, I said it! I mean it too. You know that old adage, an apple a day?Well it applies here too. As long as you feel safe, empowered, loved, respected, and sexy. Besides increasing a strong body/mind/spirit connection, we benefit from touch, massage, loving connections, and especially orgasm on the physical, spiritual and emotional level.
Every loving couple should enjoy the rejuvenating effect of sensuality and sexuality – all of which affects marriage, commitment,emotions, diet,career,and social life etc…
Those who want cookies and ice cream all too often may be craving a different type of sweetness. We can eat an awful lot of green leafy veggies and not get anywhere near the healing effects that come from having great sex!

Use A Health Coach

Why could you benefit from a Health Coach? Making changes necessary to support your health can be a challenge – making them last can be even more difficult.
I work with busy men, women and families to achieve and/or advance health and wellbeing goals by providing do-able practices. I’m here to energize, promote, and council you to reach and maintain meaningful changes in diet and lifestyle.
Visit my Contact/Services page

I also recommend reading this article Why Self Care Isn’t Selfish to get more comfortable with idea of self care.

Ahhhh, simplicity! Give your body what it wants – Good Food, Good Water, Good Air, Good Exercise, Respect and Love.

To Your Health!

Take A Hike!

take a hike

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the term Go Take A Hike as a “Rude way of telling someone to leave”.

Now, I’m not trying to be rude, that isn’t even close to my intent, but seriously….Go Take A Hike!

I’ve blogged previously on Nature Deficit Disorder

One the reasons I love hiking? It’s a holistic means to increase wellbeing!

Natural Bridge at Red River Gorge, Kentucky April 2014
Natural Bridge at Red River Gorge, Kentucky
April 2014
Weekend escape with my love! Red River Gorge, Kentucky April 2014
Weekend escape with my love!
Red River Gorge, Kentucky
April 2014
Red River Gorge, Kentucky April 2014
Red River Gorge, Kentucky
April 2014

Hiking is much more varied than many other types of exercise, particularly those offered in a gym. Not only can your workout be different each time, depending on the trail you take, but the landscape will also change, if only from the seasons.

Hiking is an ideal form of exercise because it is easy to adjust to any level of fitness – you can start with a gentle stroll. Hiking can be on a level, well maintained path, or up a pathless mountain. This makes it excellent for people who are hoping to improve their fitness, as they can simply take more and more difficult hikes.

Hiking outdoors connects you to nature and natural rhythms, which may increase your happiness and help you feel more fulfilled.
A difficult hike, for example, up a hill or mountain, can also help you feel like you’ve achieved something. I have a fear of heights. I purposely plan trails that will challenge this irrational phobia. As a matter of fact, this past weekend while hiking Red River Gorge, Kentucky, I panicked and had to descend a set of steps on my bottom! But I did it! And when I looked up at the cliff I had just conquered I felt accomplished. I’m going back for more!

Hiking is a wonderful activity that is easy to start and continue, due to its varied and customizable nature. Hiking can help you to lose weight, clear and ease your mind and build a healthier body.

Do you have a nearby or favorite park that offers hiking trails? Well, then go take a hike!

To Your Health!


To Err Is Human, To Forgive Is Divine * Mediation * LET GO Toxic Ties – Find Your Path To Forgiveness


It has been said, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.”

There is great truth to this and with Easter upon us, it brings up a potpourri of thoughts, feelings, and images, depending upon your belief and upbringing.

This time of year when Spring temperatures encourage colorful sprouts to push through the soil, it’s a reminder to me that rebirth and renewal are happening now – right before our eyes. Easter means different things to different people.

For me it is a season of hope, renewal and rebirth. It is a season of new beginnings, and a time to refocus and readjust our lives. In addition, this time of year is also a reminder that in order for new things to be born, old things must die. Death and rebirth.

This is a spiritual thing that can only be understood in the deepest part of our inner beings. And that brings me to reflect on forgiveness.

Forgiveness, it’s root, is really about judgment.

We either feel victimized – wronged somehow by another, or vis-à-vis, someone feels an injustice brought on by us. It can get personal. It can feel like our values are threatened. It doesn’t feel good. It down right hurts and It Is NO GOOD For You!

Soooo, what to do? How do you FORGIVE in a situation when you’re not very likely to reconcile or receive an apology.?
Maybe not ever.

The inability to really forgive is often due to a false concept that “forgetting is forgiving”. Forgetting is NOT forgiving. To be sure, if we forgive we will forget as a result. But the reverse is not true: forgetting is not forgiving–it is denial.

If we attempt to achieve false forgiveness by deliberately putting out of mind the offense, we might be fooling ourselves and others that we have forgiven. But all of the emotions and hurt are still there – only held back by force of will that keeps one in denial.
But then we see “that person” again and all the bitterness and pain rise up again within us. Or, in the off moment -when such mental confusions cannot be maintained – we catch ourselves feeling vengeful or angry, then we really see just how deep and effective this sort of forgiveness is.

The Bible wisely teaches; Jn 2:9 (Wey) Any one who professes to be in the light and yet hates his brother is still in darkness.

Denial is merely a delusion: flimsy, fake, and shallow.

Forgiveness is real: solid and deep. It is not an avoiding of the truth, but a dealing with it squarely, however painful.

Man’s Search For Meaning author, Viktor Frankle’s prompt regarding forgiveness,” Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” gives us the confidence that we do have a chance at inner reconciliation. We hear all the time, and we know already that to forgive we should “Let go” , “Move on” , “Find peace” , etc… and that is true, But HOW exactly ?!?!

I don’t have THE answer – sorry- but, I can share what I’ve learned (through trial and error) as I explore forgiveness.

It’s a process.

It’s about self-care/loving yourself.

It improves your life.

Here is a meditation, recommended by my Yoga Instructor and friend of nearly 20 years, Mary Arnold – it helped me move on, and forgive a toxic situation.

Cutting Ties photo courtesy of Kibru Senbetta
Cutting Ties
photo courtesy of Kibru Senbetta

I call upon the Holy Spirit (or whatever “source” you wish to call strength from) to cut, loosen, and let go of all psychic ties and karmic bonds between myself and _____________.

These ties are now lovingly Cut, Blessed, Lifted, Healed, Released, and completely Let Go….layer by layer.

Thank You God. And so it is.

To Your Health!