About Victoria

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Victoria Pardue a Certified Integrative Health & Yoga Fit Instructor.

I’m an Indiana girl!

 I grew up in a mostly farming community spending my play time exploring the woods and running through fields toward the big open sky.

My youthful sense of freedom and adventure took me coast to coast; I’ve hiked the mountainous Appalachian region of KY, TN, and N.C. I’ve lived a beach bum life on the sugar sand beaches of Santa Rosa Island, FL later making a home and had my first and only child in New Orleans, LA where I resided for 8 yrs – living a fast paced life working in the entertainment industry. I lost everything (except my faith and strength) in Hurricane Katrina, which brought me back Indianapolis, In. There, I worked as a liaison with local politicians and government agencies making strides in Asset Based Community Development.

Long hours, too much wine, poor eating habits, a divorce, lack of quality sleep and fitness all started  catching up with me! I had low energy that was effecting the other areas of my wellbeing.

And now….?

Full circle! Right where I belong – I’m certified in both nutrition and yoga and reconnected with, back into the arms of my college heart-throb , raising a blended family, where board games, family meals, and discovering the wonders of nature are the norm.
I truly believe that “Wherever You Go, There You Are.” I’ve lived and learned (still am) and have several passions that sum me up. Here are a few;


I am certified by Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) renowned program. IIN’s unique nutrition philosophy takes a holistic approach to wellness and enables me to encourage clients to consider relationships, work, exercise, and spirituality as essential to building good health.


I practice meditation daily, and prayer, I believe that I am a soul and that I have a body. I believe that God is within and without.


My Dad started running with me when I was very young. Our roads were mostly dirt and gravel and the goal was always to make it the rail road tracks and back by sunset. I’m still invigorated by trail runs. My love and I hike all over our home state of Indiana and the Appalachia region any chance we get.

 I’m certified through Yoga Fit renowned program where I put focus on Vinyasa and Yoga Lean Creating inspiring and dynamic vinyasa yoga sequencing grounded in proper alignment to ensure that each pose is safe and effective for every body type and physical challenge.


 I constantly read, I research healthy lifestyle and nutrition mostly and I read a lot about spirituality, being a better person etc.


 I am a dedicated “jam-band” fan, going to shows is like my church, 100’s of people all sweatin’ and rockin’ -nuff said-


After 10 years I found myself divorced. But God (the universe/higher power) has a way of course correcting… I reconnected with my old college flame *all of the chemistry still there* We’re making a life and share a home together with our combined children.  I’m blessed to have true love. I am blessed to have joyful children and a loving family.


I encourage people to make small changes, to switch to natural cleaning products and natural self-care products, to eat a balanced diet, to practice a stress free lifestyle, to be kind to themselves, and to other people, shop at farmer’s markets, or grow your own garden, to hang up the car keys and go on long walks or hikes.

Besides increasing a strong body/mind/spirit connection, we benefit from Tantra (touch, massage, loving connections) practices on the physical, spiritual and emotional levels and every loving couple should enjoy the rejuvenating effect  all of which affects career, marriage, emotions and social life.


If you get out of yourself and truly become forgiving, loving and don’t take things personally and use everything for your growth and evolution, that’s what life is all about.
The people around you are really just there to inspire you, to help you complete your journey.

I'm a bohemian - the ultimate hippie; I hope to encourage and inspire as many people as I come in contact with about health and wellbeing because we have to do it together.
I’m a bohemian – the ultimate hippie; I hope to encourage and inspire as many people as I come in contact with about health and wellbeing because we have to do it together.

Things I Avoid;
The gym – you don’t need one to have a beautiful and healthy body. Bring your fitness outdoors and connect with nature and/or your community at the same time.
Traffic – running every errand in a vehicle. I loathe being dependent on a car (so I don’t always). Don’t be so fuelish!
Negative people, negative talk, slander, and gossip….I’d like to know “What’s new and good?”



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