Take A Hike!

take a hike

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the term Go Take A Hike as a “Rude way of telling someone to leave”.

Now, I’m not trying to be rude, that isn’t even close to my intent, but seriously….Go Take A Hike!

I’ve blogged previously on Nature Deficit Disorder

One the reasons I love hiking? It’s a holistic means to increase wellbeing!

Natural Bridge at Red River Gorge, Kentucky April 2014
Natural Bridge at Red River Gorge, Kentucky
April 2014
Weekend escape with my love! Red River Gorge, Kentucky April 2014
Weekend escape with my love!
Red River Gorge, Kentucky
April 2014
Red River Gorge, Kentucky April 2014
Red River Gorge, Kentucky
April 2014

Hiking is much more varied than many other types of exercise, particularly those offered in a gym. Not only can your workout be different each time, depending on the trail you take, but the landscape will also change, if only from the seasons.

Hiking is an ideal form of exercise because it is easy to adjust to any level of fitness – you can start with a gentle stroll. Hiking can be on a level, well maintained path, or up a pathless mountain. This makes it excellent for people who are hoping to improve their fitness, as they can simply take more and more difficult hikes.

Hiking outdoors connects you to nature and natural rhythms, which may increase your happiness and help you feel more fulfilled.
A difficult hike, for example, up a hill or mountain, can also help you feel like you’ve achieved something. I have a fear of heights. I purposely plan trails that will challenge this irrational phobia. As a matter of fact, this past weekend while hiking Red River Gorge, Kentucky, I panicked and had to descend a set of steps on my bottom! But I did it! And when I looked up at the cliff I had just conquered I felt accomplished. I’m going back for more!

Hiking is a wonderful activity that is easy to start and continue, due to its varied and customizable nature. Hiking can help you to lose weight, clear and ease your mind and build a healthier body.

Do you have a nearby or favorite park that offers hiking trails? Well, then go take a hike!

To Your Health!



To Err Is Human, To Forgive Is Divine * Mediation * LET GO Toxic Ties – Find Your Path To Forgiveness


It has been said, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.”

There is great truth to this and with Easter upon us, it brings up a potpourri of thoughts, feelings, and images, depending upon your belief and upbringing.

This time of year when Spring temperatures encourage colorful sprouts to push through the soil, it’s a reminder to me that rebirth and renewal are happening now – right before our eyes. Easter means different things to different people.

For me it is a season of hope, renewal and rebirth. It is a season of new beginnings, and a time to refocus and readjust our lives. In addition, this time of year is also a reminder that in order for new things to be born, old things must die. Death and rebirth.

This is a spiritual thing that can only be understood in the deepest part of our inner beings. And that brings me to reflect on forgiveness.

Forgiveness, it’s root, is really about judgment.

We either feel victimized – wronged somehow by another, or vis-à-vis, someone feels an injustice brought on by us. It can get personal. It can feel like our values are threatened. It doesn’t feel good. It down right hurts and It Is NO GOOD For You!

Soooo, what to do? How do you FORGIVE in a situation when you’re not very likely to reconcile or receive an apology.?
Maybe not ever.

The inability to really forgive is often due to a false concept that “forgetting is forgiving”. Forgetting is NOT forgiving. To be sure, if we forgive we will forget as a result. But the reverse is not true: forgetting is not forgiving–it is denial.

If we attempt to achieve false forgiveness by deliberately putting out of mind the offense, we might be fooling ourselves and others that we have forgiven. But all of the emotions and hurt are still there – only held back by force of will that keeps one in denial.
But then we see “that person” again and all the bitterness and pain rise up again within us. Or, in the off moment -when such mental confusions cannot be maintained – we catch ourselves feeling vengeful or angry, then we really see just how deep and effective this sort of forgiveness is.

The Bible wisely teaches; Jn 2:9 (Wey) Any one who professes to be in the light and yet hates his brother is still in darkness.

Denial is merely a delusion: flimsy, fake, and shallow.

Forgiveness is real: solid and deep. It is not an avoiding of the truth, but a dealing with it squarely, however painful.

Man’s Search For Meaning author, Viktor Frankle’s prompt regarding forgiveness,” Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” gives us the confidence that we do have a chance at inner reconciliation. We hear all the time, and we know already that to forgive we should “Let go” , “Move on” , “Find peace” , etc… and that is true, But HOW exactly ?!?!

I don’t have THE answer – sorry- but, I can share what I’ve learned (through trial and error) as I explore forgiveness.

It’s a process.

It’s about self-care/loving yourself.

It improves your life.

Here is a meditation, recommended by my Yoga Instructor and friend of nearly 20 years, Mary Arnold – it helped me move on, and forgive a toxic situation.

Cutting Ties photo courtesy of Kibru Senbetta  www.facebook.com/kibrusenbettastudio
Cutting Ties
photo courtesy of Kibru Senbetta

I call upon the Holy Spirit (or whatever “source” you wish to call strength from) to cut, loosen, and let go of all psychic ties and karmic bonds between myself and _____________.

These ties are now lovingly Cut, Blessed, Lifted, Healed, Released, and completely Let Go….layer by layer.

Thank You God. And so it is.

To Your Health!


Introducing THE Perfect Diet!

If you spend any time on the Internet you’ve heard of a raw, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, flexitarian, GLYX, superfragalisticexpialidocious diet – just to name a few – all these diet trends are fighting for attention wherever you look, claiming to be THE way to solve all your health and weight problems. They provide long lists of scientific studies (which proof or disproof about anything if you just search deep enough) to support their cause as well as sell books and diet plans.

As an Integrative Nutrition Ambassador, studying over 150 Diet Theories, I truly know the world of diets and food trends. They all promise you to help you reach your dream weight and, even though many of these diets can in fact sometimes work, I say Get back to simple & real food to help your body find its way back to knowing what it genuinely wants and needs! Let’s stop with the dizzying labels and instead embrace our individuality — our bio-individuality, that is: There is no one perfect diet.

Diets don’t work.

I mean it! I can not think of one instance where someone followed a diet and was able to successfully keep their weight once they stopped dieting. Because, it’s true, diets do not work. And neither does banning certain foods or consciously limiting your calorie intake.

Now, before you start shaking your head, ask yourself; Do you live on convenience food? Even if it is low-fat, low-calorie, gluten free, all natural, etc… How often do you cook? Eat a meal you, yourself prepared? What food is in your home? Is almost everything in your cupboards or fridge processed in one or another way?

Of course, modern eating habits save a lot of time, but it is one of the reasons why relationships and attitude with food can seem totally confusing. These additives, preservatives, chemicals, salt, sugar, colorants and whatever other crap food companies put into these colorful packages mess with our brain, our taste, our emotions, our complete system. We are fooled into craving things which are truly bad for us and we have no idea anymore what real and simple food really tastes like.

Find your way back to simple and real food.

This does not have to happen overnight, but once you start incorporating real, unprocessed food into your daily life, your body will * wake-up * You will effectively clean your system from substances inhibiting weight loss, balance, and over all well being. One step at a time, you will learn to understand the signals your own body gives you. Listen to your body and it will show you the way to a genuinely balanced life!

As the go-to-girl for health/wellness among my friends,family,and also professionally as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I have received lots of emails asking me;

I really want to be better but I just don’t know where to start?!

I went vegan, but it is sometimes so damn hard to keep up. Why can’t I stop thinking about eating cheese?

I’ve been completely gluten-free for months now but I’m still not losing weight. I still have low energy.

It’s things like this I hear from people all the time, and for this reason, I’m sharing something special with you!
Integrative Nutrition 6 Month Roadmap to Health and Happiness

This guide focuses on nourishing yourself with whole (good) foods and creating balance in all areas of your life. It’s a sample of how I work with people to improve health and wellbeing, meeting their personal wellness goals.

I’d love to work with you personally – I’ll be there to inspire you all the way!
Check out my Contact/Services page on this blog.

No More Diet Trend Trauma, OKAY?! If you agree – please like or share this article and tell me what you think in the comment below!

To Your Health!


Check Mark On My Gratitude List! I’ll Be A Guest On The Radio Program, *The Morning News With Danan Whiddon*

Victoria Pardue to guest speak on The Morning News with Danan Whiddon.
Victoria Pardue to guest speak on The Morning News with Danan Whiddon.

Hear me live on this Sunday, April 6th! I’m guest speaking on The Morning News with Danan Whiddon
I’ll discuss Gratitude, What’s a Health Coach, and my approach to health and wellness.

Plus the show will also include; Common Core Complaints – an interview With Jackie Thames, and 7 Foods You Need Stay Sharp After 40.
It’ll be a great show all around – Thanks for listening!


All Salads NOT Created Equal *TIPS* Building A Healthier Salad

Have you committed to eat light and healthy? You may think choosing salad is a no-brainer. But beware — salads can contain more calories and fat than you think. Consider these Integrative Nutrition tips to help you build a healthier, more nutrient packed salad.

1. Pick A Green Base
Spinach, Kale, Arugula, and Romaine pack the biggest nutritional punch.

2. Choose Your Veggies
Include all colors of the rainbow in order to receive a variety of vitamins and minerals.

3. Pack On The Protein
Protein sources such as chicken, tofu, and/or beans will make your salad healthier and ensure that you stay satisfied longer.

4. Add Healthy Extras
Toppings such as nuts, seeds, grains, herbs, or fruit add extra texture, flavor, and nutritional value.

5. Dress It Up
Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vinegar are way healthier alternatives to creamy dressings, loaded also with hidden sugars. Add a hint of sea salt, black pepper and a squeeze of lemon to boost flavor.

If you’ve never been big on salads,please start with a strong foundation of greens. This is really important to your health. There are dozens of fruits and vegetables out there that can be combined in thousands of delicious ways – surely there’s a salad out there for you. Be bold. Try something new. Go online and search for recipes that use a variety of fresh ingredients that you like the most.

jules mirabella.png 1

Have you seen the Mason Jar Salad? Pictured above, this has become one of my most recommended – no excuses – ways to get greens in at your lunch hour or while traveling. Simple to assemble and no hassle to tote along. Best news…they keep for up to five days in your refrigerator. The complete directions can be found at Jules Mirabella’s blog ; http://www.myfoodandotherstuff.com/2013/04/mason-jar-salads.html

Thanks also to Ms. Mirabella for allowing me spread the good news. The much anticipated and newly released recipe book by Jules Mirabella, Mason Jar Salads and More, can now be ordered on her site or here http://www.amazon.com/Mason-Jar-Salads-More-Layered/dp/1612432891 jules mirabella

Hooray! Thank You Jules!

So are you inspired to liven up your lunch by following these quick tips to create a delicious and hearty salad? I’d love to hear some ways you boost the nutritional value of your salad – have a favorite recipe? Share it in the comments.

To Your Health!