Is Money The Root Of All Evil? What’s Your Relationship With Abundance?


Let’s face it: money is the thing that stresses us out the most! The Bible teaching “The love of money is the root of all sorts of injurious things” – 1 Timothy 6:10 is a commonly accepted attitude. While I agree that the myth that money buys happiness and security is deceptive, we also have to care for ourselves and our family. And we do deserve happiness and comfort. An unhealthy view of money can lead to a scarcity (negative) mentality. The scarcity mentality makes you feel like there isn’t enough to go around.

We have to have money to live and the truth is, how you approach money – your attitude on abundance – matters a great deal. It affects the quality of other relationships in your life too.

It’s important to be clear on your ideas about money so that you do not create blocks for yourself.

So how do you begin to shift from scarcity to abundance?

It’s not about making more; it’s about appreciating what you have. Shifting your relationship with money from contentious to loving will help reduce stress, and allow abundance to come into your life.

Start by asking yourself;

1. What are your earliest memories of money?

2. What were/are your parents’ views of money?

3. What do you enjoy about money?

4.What difficulty do you have around money?

I am offering to you, the Mantras (phrases of intention) I’m working with to begin to shift mind and heart – my attitude about money.

When spending:

• I release this money into the world, knowing that it will come back to me.
• There is more where this came from.
• I am supporting my community with this money, and I am also supported by it.
•I let this go and trust that I have all I need.

When receiving:

•I am thankful for this money, and I am grateful that it does not define me.
•I am grateful for all that I have and for this gift that will provide for me.
•I receive this as a gift, and appreciate all it’s value.
•I trust that I am provided with what I need.

Let go of a troubled past or attitude about money. Make time to form a healthy, balanced relationship with money by recognizing that you can and do have abundance and wealth.


*Photo courtesy of Kibru Senbetta Studio


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